MARILYN YVONNE FORD, aka Fresno massage parlor owner Marilyn Laird, born on a farm in Austin, Indiana, has spent most of her life in California. While operating her massage businesses, Ford not only began writing but went to real estate school; becoming a licensed Realtor then, after moving to Fountain Valley, California, earning her broker's license to become a successful real estate broker. While a broker, she began taking classes at California State University of Long Beach and from there, in 1983, earned her degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. In 1992, Ford returned to Fresno, California, to host a popular radio talk show called Moments with Marilyn. Ford's poetry appears in numerous publications, most notably volumes three and four of the international anthology series Van Gogh's Ear ( . She's also been the subject of numerous newspaper articles in The Fresno Bee, and did a television commercial for Paul's Auto Sales of Fresno. Ford has since become an eclectic artist who paints and, inspired by the works of Marcel Duchamp, takes everyday objects and turns them into works of art. Currently writing her first book of poems, entitled Passing Shadows, Marilyn Yvonne Ford, the mother of four children, lives in Fresno, California.


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When I was a young girl
I wanted to be a concert pianist
All I needed to do was practice
No hurry... more »

I Want To Be Worshipped, Wrinkle-Free

I’m blonde, green-eyed and gorgeous
I have a perfect figure
A fabulous complexion—Wait!
What is this on my face?... more »

A Day In Prison

This morning we had cheese omelettes
But I was upset with one of the women
Sitting across the table from me
Because I learned she had killed... more »

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