• A Series Of Moments

    She's not sure what she wants
    But somethings always gotta give
    You give your love to her
    Responses seem unclear... more »

  • Asking For Your Love

    Into the oceans where the currents met,
    making their way calmly next to the sun set.
    Gazing upon this marvelous view,
    two on a bench; myself and you.... more »

  • Floating Away

    Shimmering in the night
    I saw her eyes
    I clenched my fists tight
    In thoughts I would float away... more »

  • Girlfriend

    I can see in the dark
    I stumble in the past
    And everything just fades away
    There's gonna be an accident... more »

  • I Still Care

    When you sit there in the dark
    I want to come find you and sit and talk
    See whats on your mind and you know
    You can come to me if you ever feel low... more »

  • Love Me

    You run around trying to find love
    But no one seems to love you
    Your insides twist and bend as
    You give your whole self to... more »

  • Love Threats And Friends

    You are my friend and I hope that you know
    I love you with every little peice of my soul
    You can beat on her and I won't have a care
    She wants to throw me down and pull my hair... more »

  • Money Isn'T Everything

    Her dad was a drug dealer
    And her mom was a druggie
    Fights were and everyday thing
    And there was not a quiet moment in the house... more »

  • My Head

    I live in my head
    My head makes these dreams
    I live for these dreams in my head
    There's still emptiness... more »

  • My One

    I thought you were the one
    But then you let me go
    I thought I was in love
    Because you let me grow... more »

  • My Person

    We are meant to be
    Whether you believe so or not
    Because everyone has their person
    And that's the only thing they got... more »

  • My Shinning Star

    There are times I dream of you and me
    And how perfect the pieces fit
    I search for ways to make you see
    There would be no conflicts... more »

  • Mystery Girl

    The first time I saw you I felt this feeling in my chest
    This feeling of longing and a mysterious interest
    You walked in the room as fast as you walked out
    And I sat and wondered what you were all about... more »

  • October 2007

    I've learned that everything I thought, was wrong
    You were all I ever thought I needed
    As I walk these streets I'm ready to move on
    But maybe I'm just lying to myself... more »

  • Stay

    Lay with me beneath the stars
    Let's stay here until we forget who we are
    Wave goodbye to all the cars passing by
    And please don't leave because if you do I will die... more »

  • Tell Her

    Tick tock, tick tock
    What is this noise I hear?
    Tick tock, tick tock
    It's so easy to fear... more »

  • You

    Your hair is brown just like all the leaves
    And your soul is so warm unlike the cold air
    Even though it is frigid out, you warm me
    I always wondered who would fix my hearts tare... more »