• For A Friend

    What a lovely little inconvenience,
    To bring out how I really feel.
    You have the strength of a lion and a heart of gold,
    But mostly you have the ability to heal.... more »

  • For Jackie

    I've never felt special; always just another face.
    I've never been pretty,
    Damned to a grotesque face.
    I've always thought that I was ugly,... more »

  • For My Golden Friend

    I used to think that I was alone,
    That I could never just pick up the phone.
    I used to believe that it was only me
    Stranded in this lonely sea.... more »

  • Heart Beatz

    These Albany days, oh, how they would fly,
    With our Coney Island dreams set to the sky,
    These Brooklyn winters with you by my side,
    I knew everything was gonna be just fine.... more »

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

    The dirty neon lights hold so much fame;
    These crowded city streets put the gods to shame.
    All these places and these faces
    Make us all obsessed head cases.... more »

  • My Real Mother

    She carried me for nine mothers in her warm womb,
    Which to me was like a loving tomb.
    Of me she took good care,
    Her food, her blood, she always shared.... more »

  • My Saving Grace

    For Grace,
    my saving grace.<3333

    I am dirty, rotten, and sick.... more »

  • Silent Eyes

    While you lie with silent eyes,
    When dreams and fantasies control your mind,
    And you're whisked off to places of all kinds,
    Like searches for secret trails,... more »

  • Stars Across The Sky

    Shining across the blackened sky
    Glittering like bright, golden eyes
    Beholding so much mystery and fame
    None of them without a name... more »

  • This Feeling

    This feeling is what makes me go,
    It rushes through me, from my head to my toes,
    It keeps my fists pumping in the air,
    And gives me a real reason to care.... more »

  • Wasted Time

    Should I give up,
    Or should I keep chacin'?
    All I know is that I hate all this waitin'.
    'Cause the months turn to weeks,... more »

  • Waves Of Rememberance

    As I sit here by this tide,
    The wind blowing side to side;
    With the waves splashing like they do,
    I sit here, and I think of you.... more »