• Hidden

    Not sure of this place,
    Today she wakes to find it's not the same,
    Over by the window she feels incomplete,
    Gazing out at a barren street she begins to weep,... more »

  • Incapacity

    Emotion run cold,
    Lies run old,
    Feet planted heavily to the floor.
    Misplaced goals,... more »

  • Life

    It's in the soil of the earth,
    The depths of the sea,
    The heat of the sun,
    Shining down upon thee.... more »

  • Look Into Her Eyes.

    Look into her eyes
    You will see her soul
    A soul unchanging,
    Look into her smile... more »

  • Sanity.

    There's nothing left.
    She see's how this has come undone.
    Didn't see it coming,
    This she could sure overcome.... more »

  • Tenderly, Truly.

    Come here baby,
    Put your tender arms around me
    And don't let go.
    Just hold me,... more »