My name is Mariyam Reyshma. I am a Maldivian. I started writing when I was 18 years old. Writing is my passion. This is the best skill and a great way to talk without being interrupted. I love reading articles. I have published some of my articles on Wattpad.

I enjoy reading poems, verses and prose and like to write comments on them and also like my friends to read and share your views....


Mariyam Reyshma Poems

Smiles Make Me Smile

Begin and end
With a great smile
I'm glad that I get a chance to watch you grow,
Enjoying, cuddling and praising ... more »

Endless Journey Of 2015

Life is like a wind,

It snaps away another shot in a minute,... more »

Sweetest Escape

Music is the sweetest escape,

It gives me pleasure and happiness,... more »

Mariyam Reyshma Quotes

'A change cannot be seen in few raindrops'
Every raindrops have something to say. But no one hear what we want and say. We see the changes very rarely when it falls from the sky. As soon as it falls from the sky we see it disappears. Generally speaking we will see the difference from the world only when we all changes the way we believe, feel and act.
Sometimes, one minute can change everything. Pray, fast & recite holly Quran. Live the world with no expectations, no disappointment.
Life is too short. We can plan our life but can't be sure it will follow through all the time.

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