• Christmas Magic

    Dear, look to the Christmas angel
    atop your Christmas tree.
    Then all your wishes will come true,
    When she smiles down on you.... more »

  • Progenies United

    You sat on either side of me.
    Your ages ten and twelve.
    Through generations that separate, passed the essence of our soul
    To bind us one, to one, to one...in spirit strong and free.... more »

  • Tyrants Of The Night

    Rush onward in your endless flight,
    Oh, giant tyrants of the night.
    Less shaded by a veil of gloom.
    I fail to see the summer moon.... more »

  • Whispers Of Escaped Thoughts

    Thoughts of all sorts pervade the mind.
    The way to release them is sometimes hard to find.
    The brain holds them as if it were a jail.
    They cannot be released on any kind of bail.... more »