• All Things To Say

    To say the you have won the race
    Better to speak it little.

    To say that you're in better place... more »

  • Alone

    To be alone-
    Does not mean
    Of being lost,
    If that moment chose you... more »

  • Answered Prayer

    Lord, You heard them
    You heard them prayed.
    For what they want
    For what is to happen... more »

  • Balanced

    Weights in my right hand
    Must as be in my left;
    To fall not from the stand,
    Nor cast into sleep.... more »

  • Banner Of Our Country

    It's purest sunlight
    That ne'er be black forever;
    By it's great eight arms.... more »

  • Black Minds

    Foolish minds darkened
    As the trees and mountain's shade... more »

  • Blessed Thought

    It may that I
    Thought I can fly
    Or swim to the oceans deep.... more »

  • Blossoms

    As the flowers bloom
    Is like the falling petals;... more »

  • Children

    Can you see them
    Like the earth’s sweet blossom,
    Bounds in a bright morning
    Of the day’s pure sunlight.... more »

  • Contentment

    Contentment- - - -
    Is but a small heart
    On your great life,
    But it seems the greatest,... more »

  • Cry Against Mountain

    Some in there there that has a cry,
    Against the mountain high. Their voice
    Sings for freedom. They are against the mountain.
    I heard them, I heard them cried. Like the woods... more »

  • Difference

    Like you’re in the sea
    Of your dreams
    Sail through... more »

  • Getting To Know Who I Am

    I see the face of morning
    Where journey began
    To start to walk;
    For a new discovery... more »

  • Holy Bible; Book You Need

    Book; full of great pages,
    Words and informations
    As wisdom and knowledge
    For a new innovation.... more »

  • Horse

    Like undaunted rock,
    Feet of men's greatest journey;... more »

  • I Found You

    I found You
    As a jar of my life;
    That pours out the living waters-
    I am tilled like a precious plant... more »

  • I Want To Still In My Dreams

    How I wish to still in my dreams,
    I want myself to be on it forever;
    And not being woke up
    By the world full of travails,... more »

  • Jar

    Oh! Beautiful
    Is like a jar
    Under the eyes of moon,
    And just a mud of the ground;... more »

  • Light

    Light's value be found
    When there's no more moon or stars,... more »

  • Looking At God

    In your life,
    God works on how you
    Look at him.
    If you would let Jesus... more »

  • Making Every Minute Count

    Things are changed by a blink of an eye,
    There comes a new one, that passing by
    Just a count. Like the chaff that was
    Driven away by the blow of the wind.... more »

  • Modern Bird

    I saw a bird, a bird of silver wings
    Gold are the claws of him, even his beak.
    The work of the journey is another thing,
    He came and cut the clouds to seek... more »

  • Moon

    I like the way,
    How the moon
    Speaks to me.
    In the night’s silence... more »

  • Moon Gives A Sign

    I can see the sign
    Fulfilled from years to years.
    The day is approaching,
    The day is near.... more »

  • Morning Peacock

    Dew of a new born day has sounded
    The melody of the music dancing on the air
    Bright morning is happily wounded
    By the seven soldiers of the victorious lair... more »