MAS mark anthony st. rose 11-03-1979

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God is axiomatic; he needs no definition nor explanation. When you doubt just take a long look around you.
Mark Anthony St. Rose
True education begins and ends with self-knowledge. Therefore like the true self it is boundless; it has no end.
Mark-Anthony St. Rose
There can be no higher purpose nor duty than to share and teach love.
Mark- Anthony St. Rose

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Hi Mark I have been looking for someone of my nationality on this website and I found you its nice to see someone else from Trinidad on. I Enjoy you work keep writing. Hopefully you will enjoy mine as well. take care
I know what you mean about the transes. Some times I couldn't write to save my life, other times it seems like all I see are words. I go to bed looking for sleep, but all I dream about are words. It feels like if I don't write them down, i will spontaneously combust. I have always enjoyed words, I love to read, I love how words are like art, and how beautiful a picture they paint. They are like music to me. it sounds crazy, I know.