• Black Hole Spawning

    Death, Destruction, Darkness and Doom
    These four horsemen shadow my every move
    Spirit vultures and other fiends of lifelessness
    Threaten to swallow any wink of hope in this forsaken realm... more »

  • Phantom Temple

    The box has been opened
    Images of past lives haunt the realm and air
    Many have gazed upon this temple's shadows
    But few have realized its vision... more »

  • The Eyes And The Wings

    I've witnessed the apocalypse
    Through many different shades
    From back when I created time
    A man who does not age... more »

  • The Gates Of Neverwhere

    Alone I stand at the apex of time
    I've sailed the cosmic seas of raw infinity
    I've seen the creatures that lurk between dimensions
    These Shadowlands have summoned me once more... more »