• Alchemist

    One night, believing myself big enough,
    I crept out of bed to neck my Father's mouthwash.... more »

  • Head Of Progress

    There's a fight, Sir!
    By the lockers, Sir!
    And Aidan's battered Paul!
    Daniel's strangled Jordan... more »

  • Lump

    Before we knew each other
    I was lump
    Creamy little bump
    A shapeless clump of energy,... more »

  • Ogre

    You kept us in check, alright. Hugged us
    With a thuggery unrivalled on our street.
    A bellow from the doorstep; you framing the fortress,
    Knuckling at dusters; rubbing spit upon faces;... more »

  • The History Ain'T Bright...

    I'm here to warn you all of a teacher in your school,
    More foul than Simon Cowell and a dozen times more cruel,
    A schemer. A despot. A crafty student captor.
    Feasts on the fear of first years like some blonde velociraptor,... more »