- Woerner Elementary School
- St. Stephen Protomartyr School
- St. Mary's High School
- Dartmouth College A.B. magna cum laude, H.D.Ec
- University of Chicago MBA
- Full time investment banker; part time poet


Mark J. Schulte Poems

Park Avenue Prayer

Rev. George Witt is being installed today as pastor at St. Ignatius Loyola Church in New York City.

Peter to the Romans.
Paul to the gentile race.... more »

Passing A Church On March First

... made a special 'visit' today;
a local church that crossed my way.
A simple action, just to say:
'Thank you, Dad' and 'yes, I pray.'... more »

The Ballad Of Airtran

I wrote this to commemorate the successful completion of my advisory transaction for Southwest Airlines, which acquired Airtran Airways. This demontrates why investment bankers ought to eschew poetry :)

Airline recessions, fuel hikes, concessions;
profits are hardly in sight.... more »

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Mark Schulte 20 Oct 2009 10:55
I loved your poem 'Sophomore Year'. It was a penetrating look into the vagaries that make up the second year of high school.