• A Classical Look At Trinity's Varsity Soccer Team During The Tercentenary

    Trinity School in New York City is celebrating its 300th year and has commissioned Billy Collins to compose a masterful, soaring poem.
    But I am a ninth grade parent, working on a smaller canvas - and the girls' varsity soccer team is having their best year - so here goes:... more »

  • A Parent's View Of College - 2016

    O Muse, I implore you, can you recall?
    Great Caesar - who once ruled the three parts of Gaul?
    Or Milton, whose verses depicted the Fall.
    To where have our colleges gone?... more »

  • Hail The Saints!

    The 'Saints' are a group of (mostly) seventh grade boys from St. David's School in NYC who are playing in the Chelsea Piers Soccer League. This is dedicated to them.

    HAIL THE SAINTS!... more »

  • If (The Hockey Version)

    With apologies to Rudyard Kipling, this is dedicated to the parents of young hockey players at St. David's School in NYC....

    If you can lose your blazer often
    yet keep Mom from blaming it on you,... more »

  • Making Sense Of Episcopal Scents

    The Archdiocese of NY is reportedly trying to shut down St. Thomas More, a healthy, successful parish on the East Side, so they can sell it and use the proceeds to fund the (arguably) unnecessary refurbishment of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Scandalous, if true!
    This is dedicated to the Save STM cause.... more »

  • Mother's Birthday

    My mother's birthday is next month.
    For over 50 years I've celebrated it,
    (though sometimes belatedly because I forgot)
    and often in absentia because of where I live.... more »

  • Mr. P

    Mr P, who shall remain nameless, was our fifth grade teacher. He was obese and sedentary to the point of being a rather lazy teacher - hence our poem, composed by my classmate, Bruce Stroh and me when we were 11. And apologies to Joyce Kilmer.

    Mr. P... more »

  • My Favorite Foods

    Jimmy Bradley, the well known NYC restauranteur, and Rebecca Babcock are getting married in Stowe, VT this weekend and having the rehersal dinner at the Trapp Family Lodge. So I penned this verse for the von Pio Family singers (Sung to 'My Favorite Things')

    Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens,... more »

  • O Captain, My Captain! (The Hockey Version)

    This is dedicated to John Shanahan who was for several years the Czar of the St David's School club hockey program in New York City. At his retirement the very successful program was turned over to the school administrators.

    O CAPTAIN! My Captain! your icy trip is done;... more »

  • On Graduating From High School

    Four years of study.
    A volatile time;
    sometime's sublime
    but sometimes it's bloody.... more »

  • Park Avenue Prayer

    Rev. George Witt is being installed today as pastor at St. Ignatius Loyola Church in New York City.

    Peter to the Romans.
    Paul to the gentile race.... more »

  • Passing A Church On March First

    ... made a special 'visit' today;
    a local church that crossed my way.
    A simple action, just to say:
    'Thank you, Dad' and 'yes, I pray.'... more »

  • Scots Wha Hae (Part 2)

    Scots wha hae quite been ignored;
    wha Torys thought had been on-board;
    wha's cut wham's umbil'cal chord?
    Mum and child might dee!... more »

  • Sonnet: A Trinity Is Not Immutable

    John Allman, the recently installed Headmaster at Trinity School in New York City is doing an outstanding job. This is dedicated to him.

    Yes, three-hundred years of academic tradition,
    but burdened by present day troubles and woes,... more »

  • Sophomore Year

    My daughter is a sophomore at Trinity School in NYC.

    Conjugate the verb vivir.
    Write an essay on King Lear.... more »

  • Texas Ranger

    If you need a solution, you go to the Man.
    A jack of all trades - his motto: 'I can! '
    When the vultures of crisis have come home to roost,
    he's on the next plane with the problems deduced.... more »

  • The 40th Year

    As Andrew L. Krueger ponders the year,
    the sweat on his palms clearly signals his fear -
    of an annus horribilis coming quite near.
    A. Lemberg Krueger is turning 40...... more »

  • The Ballad Of Airtran

    I wrote this to commemorate the successful completion of my advisory transaction for Southwest Airlines, which acquired Airtran Airways. This demontrates why investment bankers ought to eschew poetry :)

    Airline recessions, fuel hikes, concessions;
    profits are hardly in sight.... more »

  • 'Ut Viri Boni Sint' - On Ice

    'Ut Viri Boni Sint' - 'That they be good men' is the motto of St. David's School in New York City. This is dedicated to their hockey teams.

    'Ut viri boni sint', McLellan said to me;
    Is the motto we embrace, for our men-to-be.... more »

  • Velvet Freeze Hustle

    Velvet Freeze Hustle

    Twinkies taste good in the heat of the day.
    Twinkies taste better when you hide them away.... more »

  • Water Prize

    The girls varsity swimming team at Trinity High School in NYC has just completed an undefeated season and won the All-Ivy meet. This is dedicated to their excellent coach and team.

    Water, water everywhere - but not the kind to drink;... more »