• Adam In The Garden Of Eden

    The first man on earth was grainy,
    His thoughts were like glue on a cardboard garden,
    Sticking the sand to his toes
    And rotten fruit under his fingernails.... more »

  • Fires

    There are girls with short hair and short smiles
    Boys with piercings and tight jeans
    A man on the street corner singing High and Dry all wrong... more »

  • Haiku 1

    Half-Japanese boy
    The dark wrinkles of your sole
    Are a scorpion... more »

  • Music Theory For The Bored And Confused

    Who gave music its name?
    It was Boethius, tinkering with treble and bass
    Like screwdrivers
    Falling in piles and arpeggios... more »

  • Oregon Dreaming

    Patterns in the air
    Waving grass of open fields,
    Echoing through hollow forests,
    The thread of hisses,... more »

  • Pop-Up Book

    Humming high
    Whistling to myself I ride the pockets
    Crawling like a shadow swallow over the fields
    Below pop-up targets twinkling... more »

  • Sun-On-Sea

    I rise to tears outside the plastic windows.
    They aren't for me.
    I lost mine at Heathrow, where your bags spun round and round into the plughole.
    I float through the town on perfect shoes,... more »

  • Theme For A Late-Night Radio Documentary About The Final Causes Of Monsters (According To Leibniz)

    For a flicker of history there was a boy,
    Only four feet six feet seven feet tall.
    He was young to the point of being ancient,
    A painter of thick black character.... more »