• Gabrielle

    SHE stands, lazily waiting for the ball.
    Relaxed in slump-shouldered boredom,
    SHE carries the hockey stick
    As if it weighs too much.... more »

  • Jeanie

    Golden girl. Right off the beaches
    Of California. Perpetually tan with eyes
    That steal the brilliant blue from the sky.
    Spirit that picks me up and reaches... more »

  • Joanne

    Amber and gold curls that fall gently
    Like the first leaves of autumn,
    Frame the angelic beauty of the face.
    The walnut-brown eyes are softness and peace.... more »

  • Leesa

    I smelled her again last night.
    It was her unmistakable scent,
    The perfume whe never went
    Without. The memories flashed brightly... more »

  • Twins

    These beautiful babies born
    Into our world. Such Tiny creatures
    With perfect hands and feet and features
    Like mine. Little mouths and pinpoint eyes adorn... more »

  • Your Kiss

    Suddenly, I realized you are kissing me.
    The perfect touch of your lips
    On my cheek lasts but a moment.
    But the stillness and clarity are... more »