• 3 Wise Men

    3 wise men think they are clever, tough;
    Its a shame that they can't get enough.
    One is an immigrant, Dale is rough;
    and the other one shows signs of being a puff.... more »

  • Cotterills Momma

    karen karen karen
    u r fat
    ate philos 3 cats... more »

  • Ode To The Poor

    Some people live in riches
    However Dale is Poor
    He hasnt got a house
    Prefers to sleep in the door...way... more »

  • Poorer Still

    In this life there are the rich and the poor. Then there is dale.
    In a league of his own, or should i say a box.
    He cant even avoid getting bitten by a fox, when he sleeps
    which is on a bed of rocks, in his wooly cotton socks.... more »

  • The Life On A Melon

    Walking through the bushes, looking at the Ling's thrushes
    I saw the melons in the distance, and i said shhhhhhushes.

    He was conceived on a boat to Milan,... more »