Mark R Slaughter Comments (20)

you are the master poet and yet to be and again.
woow! your words can move a mountain In me and they are very inspirational
you have left me speech less.
Re Heaven. Bloody love it Mark. The repetition is well-thought out, the lyricism is truly poetic. But I feel as if you've been watching me in my garden.; ¬) Next time, I'll go cross ways instead of parallel.
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels
excellent poems sir, I wonder if you could read some of mine and give me your advice please, I would like to improve, thank you, I am http: //
that was awesome how you manage to describe everything with simple and yet beautiful word that explain and show an imagery of passion
Cool, you inspire me.
I see you are a biologist. Makes total sense. I recently graduated with a BS in bio. Ever read a collection of science poems Radial Symmetry? You should publish your poetry. You have a really great style.
death smiles and so do you wow... power full its like getting involed with the bad when your innocent