• Act 1: Immortality

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  • Act 2: Lurks

    ... more »

  • Act 3: Forever

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  • Fall And Become Broken

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  • Ferver

    The greatest of ferver, lost in the extacy of love,
    Nothing exists, all lies, and nothing close to the truth.... more »

  • Flame

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  • Flowerless Edens

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  • Fuse

    our lips fused with more ferver, with more energy than all known suns in our universe,
    our lips fused with the intensity barley matched by anything known, anything thaught. everything possibly imaginable.... more »

  • Here They Come

    I go to bed, im off to sleep, ready to be invaded- my minds drifting far apart...
    Here they come, the dreams, Im ready for them...
    They the dreams stroke my mind, floating clouds of 99...... more »

  • M&M's

    It feels strange, as if drifting between two worlds and slowly drifting to number three.
    One last taste, one last experiance before bed I asked.
    No No she said, you have had to many, off to bed she told me.
    And so I went, annoyed and angry. I wanted the blue one...... more »

  • Midnight Lust

    Im shaking, Im nervus, my spine tingles, my legs are weak,
    I hear the moon crying his song of weiling winds, trees snap and dropp their seed.
    The colour of the lights above the cityscapes bring voices out of her city walls.
    I lie in a state of failing comatose in this busom of the city, and tonight her voice shouts with ferver and lust out of every wind, out of every breeze.... more »

  • My Own

    The clouds erupt with sound and thunder, my heart bleeds with blood and hunger...
    The sound of hearbeats, spiked veins and broken ribs...
    The taste of copper, and the smell of my aftershave...
    The bloodshot eyes of last night drinking- are this mornings hangovers...... more »

  • Real

    To me it seemed so real, Nothing was better, nothing could of been.

    A comfort came over me, the kind that puts you to sleep with out even trying.
    Under the covers-... more »

  • Regret

    This scar and that scar...
    -the physicle and emotional, they are witness to life.
    The life I lived, the life that I chose to live.
    This scar and that scar,... more »

  • Spiral

    The spiral begins as eyes lock tightly...
    My legs are numb, my hands are sweaty...
    I'm nervous, I'm shy, I'm shaking...
    Like Easter, Like Christmas, My Birthday and New Years all on the same day...... more »

  • Weep

    Our blessed star shines with less ferver than any dawn before.
    The evenings are weak with everything just so much colder.... more »

  • Your Temple

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