• Bracelet

    The bracelet is a precious part.
    I give her all my love...from
    my palms..my feet
    Her love is a bracelet... more »

  • Love And Free

    Breaking away from my hand and
    running into the sun
    Turning my back promising
    not to cry walking past... more »

  • Love, Images-Motional Glass

    Are you in love? The sea? Musclecar? a child of the 60's?
    Life experience applied to life - I can feel
    you move...I want to reach deep inside you everything you feel and trust.
    Don't be afraid to look... more »

  • Monterey

    Monterey meant so much.
    I laid, I drove
    disappeared to a distance
    No scars is a peace sign... more »

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Summer Wisdom

    1964, 65 and 66 was Spring raindrops
    so mistry--beautiful
    67-free in Monterey
    68 and 69 is Summer, thus 1968... more »

  • Winds

    Romance appeared out of
    nowhere is a beach awaken
    on sands...September winds
    Dusk has fallen, finding myself talking to you... more »