• Awareness

    By Mark Wazzy

    You have to be aware
    Of things that might scare... more »

  • Climbing Destruction

    Mark Wazzy
    I was once a master
    But now lay in ruin
    Went through disaster... more »

  • Death Is Just The Beginning

    Death is the beginning
    So why live in fear
    You keep on living
    But you know it's always near... more »

  • Lies

    Mark Wazzy
    How do you deal with lies
    When all you know in this world is fictitious
    You may as well count it as a bag of fries... more »

  • Life In The Low Class

    Life is a war
    All enriched with gore
    When you're the lowest of the low
    Now I am your foe... more »

  • Painful Words

    Why say such painful words
    When nothing likes you not even the birds
    Anything that comes out of the mouth
    You feel like moving north to south... more »

  • True Life Of An Outcast

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    True Life of an Outcast
    Mark Kelly Wazzy... more »

  • Unknown Grief

    Mark Kelly Wassenaar (AKA Wazzy)

    You never expect to know the word grief
    Until it comes to you... more »

  • Untamed Love

    Mark Wazzy
    What is love
    If it is untamed
    Could it be a dove... more »