Vladimir Markelov.

V. Markelov, DM - the modern Russian poet was born 21-01-1958 in a small village near to Finland. His father, the military man, was the participant of Great War with Germany (1941-1945) . Now lives in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.

The majority of poems are written in style of irony, grotesque, a joke, basically in Russian. Its known poem 'Helicopter' is written in style of neoacmeism, devoted to the destiny of the Russian families, lost their children in War with Afghanistan.

Recently it is keen by translations into Russian of the American and English poets (Robert Frost, Ezra Pound, Byron, Allen Ginsberg, Wallace Stevens, William Blake and others) , and also wrights the Limericks. The most part of creativity is devoted to poems for children.


Markelov Vladimir Poems

Autumn In Russia.

The wood seems to be tired.
Preparation of all alive to the lingering somnambulist.
Disturbing feelings of forthcoming separation, loss.
The last elaborate trees apparel in yellow-orange-purple colors.... more »

There Is A Love…

There is a Love that lives in us and never ends.
There is a Love, by which we breathe and sing, like bird.
It’s Love, when both of us are fallin’In love;
And when the other heart we’ve heard.... more »

Is Night Gentle?

Night closes doors forever
Night cures my soul as a medicine
In Night should’nt be doubted ever
Night sense increases to everything... more »

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