• Attitude

    Attitude is a state of mind where condidence outwits doubt
    If one persons attitude is to win and anothers is to fail
    Then the person with the winning attitude wins and the one with a failing attitude fails
    The maze for both is the same, It is just the perception that is different... more »

  • Going Away

    My son is going to prison
    My daughters going too
    how could all my family end up in the zoo
    there antics have taken my life... more »

  • On Thoughts

    Have you ever thought about thoughts
    How did they startHow did they go away
    How many more will we have in our life... more »

  • The Race

    as i run thru life
    in the human race
    i do not know how long i can keep the pace
    as equals fall or stop and stay behind... more »