• An Experience

    We climb the stairs
    And like Persephone we are driven into the darkness
    We stand motionless
    And hear the soft whispers emerging... more »

  • Breaking Dawn

    Unto thee:
    oh dawn breaking on the
    Thouest know how my longing... more »

  • Change


    everythings moving... more »

  • Clocks

    Time moves

    by... more »

  • If Life Was A Dream

    If life was a dream, Oh how wonderful...
    it would be to wake up to sunshine and nature..
    to bathe in the waters of tears...
    to Frolic in a field of dreams..... more »

  • Jason & Kyra

    Sadness swells and sometimes slices
    across old hurts

    What do you do when the one you trusted does not... more »

  • Numb

    I want to feel;
    something besides this
    dark tital wave of
    lonleyness.....anger...want...sadness...... more »

  • Passing Notes

    Life keeps making it hard
    yet my heart still holds.
    Feeling your hand on... more »

  • Piano Player

    It's old, this place
    high ceiling
    white walls
    solid wooden floors... more »

  • So Addicting

    You are my addiction
    that i can't handle
    but i don't want to stop.... more »

  • Why

    So then why when
    you walk away
    I let you go as
    i cry inside... more »