Well I started writting about his one girl I liked then that led to more..So i posted them here and well I like poetry I hope I write and allright poem not very good but...I just graduated highschool and working so I can apply to the Culinary Institute Of America I want to become a Chef...I live in NY like to play soccer hang out computer work and other stuff...


Marlon AgustinMendez Poems

Ready To Go

On that rainy night.
Gloom rained over the world.
In my heart I overflowed with joy.
But something felt wrong.... more »


I have been trying to let loose.
I hold my reasons. Hold them tight.
My hands finally opened.
Only to show emptiness.... more »

Silent Pain

These love notes.
Do I write in vein.?
The letters addresed to you.
Will you open them.?... more »

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