• Euophoria

    I have been trying to let loose.
    I hold my reasons. Hold them tight.
    My hands finally opened.
    Only to show emptiness.... more »

  • Her

    I never knew.
    I never imagined.
    That I was to meet someone quite like you.
    So loving and caring.... more »

  • Ready To Go

    On that rainy night.
    Gloom rained over the world.
    In my heart I overflowed with joy.
    But something felt wrong.... more »

  • Silent Pain

    These love notes.
    Do I write in vein.?
    The letters addresed to you.
    Will you open them.?... more »

  • The Rooftop

    On this stary night.
    My eyes beheld a beautiful sky.
    As this rooftop welcomes an old freind.
    I sit aand hear the city cry to me in a gracious melody.... more »

  • Tu

    I hope you have been listening to me.
    At least from the corners of the dark.
    You have listened to my hopes my dreams.
    You have been reading my feelings I can only write about.... more »

  • Untitled

    Let us go through it again.
    Both of us and borken hearts.
    We have to hold on.
    I hold on to your smile.... more »