• Christ

    ... more »

  • Fighting Against The Time

    Obtain information from you is hard,

    And it´s breaking my heart,... more »

  • I Heard To Say

    I heard to say that the love born into our heart

    But I think that the love born in our mind.... more »

  • I Know That He Loves Me

    Oh God, I know that you love me.
    Lord, save my soul.
    Lord, lead me in your Way.
    My God, forgive my sins.... more »

  • I Love English

    I am a Simple English Student

    My dream is learn English... more »

  • I Still Love You

    You always was the love of my life.
    My love, you are the man promised by God for me.
    My love for you is unforgettable.
    Sweet love is my love for you.... more »

  • Jesus Is The Best Exemple

    The love is the feeling more important in our lives.

    We must love one another as Jesus Christ Loves us.... more »

  • Look Into My Eyes

    Look into my eyes

    You´II see how much I love you.... more »

  • Miss The Teacher

    Don´t should exist in our lives the miss feeling

    Because the miss feeling is sad.... more »

  • Sorry

    Sorry I don´t know if there are mistakes in my poems

    because I´m my teacher and I´m a student at the same time.... more »

  • Sun

    Oh sun, you that all morning touch my body in my bed,

    With its light through window.... more »

  • The Time

    Time erased me of your mind.

    And I don´t know what to do... more »

  • What I Did

    You said that don´t want to remember me anymore

    But why don´t you want to remember me,... more »

  • Woman

    Woman, I will be very happy, if you want be my love.

    With you I don´t feel myself unhappy... more »