• A Letter To Santa

    Snowflakes softly falling
    Upon your window they play
    Your blankets snug around you,
    Into sleep you drift away.... more »

  • A Womans Prayer

    Before I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray for a man, who's not a creep,
    One who's handsome, smart and strong
    One who loves to listen long,... more »

  • Closing The 'Book'

    My marriage was like a good book. I really didn't want it to end, but it did anyway. Maybe I should have just read one chapter at a time instead of reading it straight through. And now, it lays on the coffee table as a beautiful reminder of beautiful shared memories. Or maybe I should just store it away.......at least for the time being.

    The difference in a Great Marriage and a Marriage, is that A Great Marriage has no ending. And really it dosen't even have a beginning. Once you have it.......it is like a match made in Heaven and has always been and always will be. There is NO ENDING. It is like magic that has been set free.....free to love.....free to live....free to give as well as receive....free to be yourself.....free to laugh. A love that is always unconditional. There is no such thing as a conditional love or marriage.... more »

  • Daddy~

    Her hair was up in a pony tail,
    her favorite dress tied with a bow.
    Today was Daddy's Day at school,
    and she couldn't wait to go.... more »

  • Daughter, You Are Loved

    When the road seems too long
    When darkness sets in
    When everything turns out wrong
    And you can't find a friend... more »

  • Denver~ Our Dad

    Dad you were a wonderul man
    whom we all understood,
    I guess we never told you
    as often as we should.... more »

  • God Forgive Me~

    Dear God, forgive me,
    For all my erry ways
    Help me to find you again
    I really never meant to stray... more »

  • God Is In Control

    Sometimes we don't understand
    What God has in mind
    What may seem bad He can use
    There is good that He can find... more »

  • God Sent Me You~

    God must have had you in mind,
    When He spread stars in the sky;
    For I can see them twinkling,
    Everytime I look into your eyes.... more »

  • Good Morning Friends

    What fun it is to have you
    As my special online friend
    Someone I tell my secrets to
    All my thoughts to you I send.... more »

  • Grandchildren

    You know God saved the best for last,

    It is his gift from Heaven above;... more »

  • Heaven's Playground~

    When children go to Heaven
    What do they do all day
    Is there someone up there for them
    To join with them in play?... more »

  • I Cannot Cry

    The song of the birds, I cannot hear,
    The flowers I cannot smell.
    I cannot remember the ones I loved,
    And the things that I knew so well.... more »

  • I Didn'T Get To Say Good-Bye~

    Today I sit here
    staring up at the sky
    Now I'll never get the chance
    to ever say Good-Bye... more »

  • I Fake A Smile As My Whole World Falls Apart.

    Standing here all on my own,
    watching life go by,
    taking in those dreadful words,
    ...a tear drops from my eye,... more »

  • I Love To Be A Mother

    Some houses try to hide the fact
    that children shelter there.
    Ours boasts of it quite openly,
    the signs are everywhere.... more »

  • I Never Lost So Much~

    I never lost so much as when I lost you.
    One day you were here and there were two.
    Your name was called and you departed.
    I thought our life together had only started.... more »

  • I'Ll Always Remember~

    I'll remember to forget
    The one that made me sad.
    But I'll never forget to remember
    The one that makes me glad.... more »

  • Little Things~

    Too often we don't realize
    what we have until it's gone.
    Too often we wait too late to say
    'I'm sorry - I was wrong.'... more »

  • My Message To You~

    It's something that happened so quickly!
    Like a great rushing wind I can't see,
    Strong arms are holding me close now
    As they gently pull and guide me.... more »

  • Notice Me ~

    Look over here, please don't ignore me
    Why don't you even look up at me
    I'm just an old woman, maybe not very wise
    She say's, with that far away look in her eyes.... more »

  • On My Own Again~

    I’m here again, on my own
    Life seems to pass me by
    Remembering your words
    As tears fall from my eyes.... more »

  • One More River To Cross

    I have crossed so many rivers

    As I've roamed upon this earth... more »

  • Our Special Love

    It's nice to see Dad show Mom his love
    With a touch or just a kind word,
    Now that I have a husband of my own
    It don't seem so absurd.... more »

  • 'Reflections Of A Mother'

    I gave you life,
    but cannot live it for you.

    I can give you directions,... more »