Martha Albertson Fineman (born 1943) is an internationally renowned law and society scholar and a leading authority in feminist legal theory and family law. She is currently Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law, having formerly held the Dorothea S. Clarke Professorship of Feminist Jurisprudence at Cornell Law School and the Maurice T. Moore Professorship at Columbia Law School. She is an affiliated scholar of the Center for American Progress and of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion. Much of her early scholarship focuses on the legal regulation of family and intimacy; she has since broadened her scope to focus on the legal implications of universal dependency, vulnerability and justice. Her recent work formulates a theory of vulnerability, in order to argue for a more responsive state and a more egalitarian society. Fineman directs the Feminism and Legal Theory Project, which she founded in 1984 and which hosts scholars from around the world. She is considered "the preeminent feminist family theorist of our time."


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