• Dying Light

    I stare at the vast darkness.
    My light about to fail.

    I tried so hard to shine... more »

  • My Wife

    I felt Lost, I felt alone.
    Nights where cold, Nights where long.

    That was till my eyes met yours,... more »

  • The Knight

    Pain, Suffering, Heartache
    That was what I once had.

    Fighting for the wrong Liege
    And killed in his Name.... more »

  • The Phantom

    The first time you cried it sounded like a horn blowing
    I came rushing to your defense
    That's the day I promised never to hear that sound again
    So I stayed and watched over you... more »

  • The Shield

    The first day I saw you, was the day
    you picked me from the shelf of the Roman Armory
    You where young timid and frail,
    I made an oath that day,
    I will be proud, I will be strong... more »