A practising Nigerian Journalist. I am married and love watching football and political developments in my country and the world. I love meeting people from all over the world, My kind of music is reggae because of its philosophical message. I sing about love and missed opportunities in Africa, a continent that needs redemption.


Martin Ayanbare Ayankola Poems

Horror Race

As the dusk gave way to dawn
I was trekking on my way home and I saw
a lifeless body with flies hovering over it... more »

I Believe

Don’t blame me if my song is lifeless
Like a dead and forsaken body on the street of Lagos
Don't blame me if I sing sad songs
What is there to cheer?... more »

In Your Eyes

Like a pauper wearing the same old clothes every season
That is how you look
Cheated, deprived and violated... more »

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