• Crossroads

    We are now at the crossroads,
    Unsure of which road to follow;
    We are now at the crossroads,
    Slaves to our collective stupidity;... more »

  • Even Though You Are Gone, You Are Still Here

    I can hear your sweet laughter and vivacious jokes
    Lighting up my mood every day as I laugh through life vicissitudes... more »

  • Even When The Curtain Falls

    I can feel your love hitting my heart
    As I pen this song
    I can feel your strong undiluted love
    Beating sweet rhythm in my heart.... more »

  • For You Dada Eating Dodo

    I love the precision of the eagle,
    The beauty and pride of the peacock,
    I love the majesty of the Elephant
    And the catwalk of the cheetah... more »

  • For You I Groan Zimbabwe

    For you I groan Zimbabwe
    For you I keep awake keeping this vigil
    For you I groan Zimbabwe
    I love you Zimbabwe... more »

  • Hope In Despair

    I hope one day my voice will be heard
    Far above this cloud of pain and anguish
    I hope one day this song will touch hearts
    And these shackles will be broken forever... more »

  • Horror Race

    As the dusk gave way to dawn
    I was trekking on my way home and I saw
    a lifeless body with flies hovering over it... more »

  • I Believe

    Don’t blame me if my song is lifeless
    Like a dead and forsaken body on the street of Lagos
    Don't blame me if I sing sad songs
    What is there to cheer?... more »

  • I Can See Triumph In Your Toil[for Foluke]

    I can see joy in your sadness
    I can see victory in your trials
    I can see triumph in your tears
    Yes I can... more »

  • I Hope It Is You

    Friends in times of tribulations
    Are as scarce as pennies in the pockets of a pauper

    When you are in the sunny side of life... more »

  • I Shall Return

    Cold holds me in a strong grip
    As I sing this song in a strange land,
    I don’t wake up to hear the cock crow
    Nor do I hear the bleating of sheep... more »

  • In Your Eyes

    Like a pauper wearing the same old clothes every season
    That is how you look
    Cheated, deprived and violated... more »

  • Love, Like Rain Pouring In A Hot Day

    Love is the sweet smile in the face of mama
    When you visit home from your city abode
    Love is the forgiveness that comes after being hurt
    Like rain pouring in a sizzling hot weather... more »

  • May Sunshine Kiss Your Eyes

    May sunshine kiss your eyes
    May you be a warrior for the truth
    And a conqueror of vicissitudes... more »

  • Reach For Love

    When the pain is persistent
    And hurt tortures your heart,
    When songs dry up from your tongue
    And all you see is a long famished road... more »

  • Singing A New Song

    Sing with me this song of hope
    In this season of despair
    Sing with me this mantra of redemption
    In this season of despondency... more »

  • The Locusts Will Not Rule Forever[for Nuhu Ribadu]

    Nuhu, this darkness will not last for long
    As we will triumph obamawise into a dawn of a new day,
    I tell you this darkness will not last for long
    As dawn will surely break tomorrow... more »

  • This Land Shall Be Healed

    Something within tells me this shenanigans will stop
    Something within me says these vagabonds will disappear
    My land will be healed
    I can feel it.... more »

  • Truth Stands Still

    The veil of unhappiness envelopes
    The storm of treachery gathers,
    The wind of chicanery blows
    But truth stands still... more »

  • Where Has Love Gone?

    Bickering, arguments, fights, curses
    Where has love gone?
    Why has love taken flight?
    Why art thou love?... more »

  • Words Thou Art My Refuge

    Under you I seek refuge
    My wonderful words
    Under you I find refuge
    From the vicisitudes of the moment... more »