• A Blessing In My Life

    When you lose such a close person in your life
    You tend to believe that
    life is shallow and that you
    Will never feel so close to another person.... more »

  • A Fragile Heart

    You broke her heart
    She said
    Its fine with tears
    Yet she didn't keep a grudge for you.... more »

  • A Letter To Evelyn!

    Dear Evelyn,
    It's been four months now
    Since the time you answered God's call.
    I never knew what it felt like to be lose someone... more »

  • A Life With Step Siblings.

    God is really great.
    I wonder how He does things miraculously.
    I never knew I would be able to associate
    With my steb-siblings especially my step mum.... more »

  • A Message From My Heart

    I know people do say alot
    About the person you have come to be
    Because of this boy reaching out to you.
    I know I have made you become... more »

  • A New Identity Of Me

    So many things have happened
    In the past when I was
    That kind of a boy.
    Many people thought there won't be a change... more »

  • A New Kind Of Proposal

    I won't bring you flowers
    For I am not a romantic person
    But I'll be there to make you happy
    As long as I live for my love is real.... more »

  • A Personal God!

    The mighty power that works through all
    Nature and sustains all things is not,
    As some men of science represent,
    Merely an all-pervading principle,... more »

  • A Poem From Leah

    I'm not good at rhyming.
    I guess I just have to keep trying.
    What it be on, though?
    That, I really don't know.... more »

  • A Walk To Freedom

    Imprisonment, imprisonment, imprisonment!
    Is a word that I am familiar with
    In this world of injustice.... more »

  • Africa

    Africa, oh Africa
    Oh mother Africa.
    We live in you
    And you are ours.... more »

  • Am I The Only One At Fault?

    I don't know what really happened
    But it's very saddening to hear that
    Our relationship is falling apart,
    It's breaking, never to be mended again... more »

  • Amanda

    Beauty always has its own language
    Of attraction everywhere you go.
    Beauty has its own special songs
    It does sing to anyone.... more »

  • Another Chapter Of Life

    The year has come to an end.
    So many things have happened,
    Somethings bad and others good,
    But it's alright, that's how... more »

  • Beautiful Surroundings

    God loves the beautiful.
    He has clothed the earth
    And the heavens with beauty,
    And with a father's joy... more »

  • Break-Up

    Something that is
    More painful than death;
    Especially if you loved... more »

  • Broken

    I thought you cared for me
    That you were my prince charming.
    You gave my life meaning
    And then you took it all away.... more »

  • Broken Wings Of A Caged Bird

    Tis so beautiful to be
    Above the ground and
    Soaring high in the sky.
    Playing hide and seek... more »

  • Change

    Nothing changes if nothing changes.
    Many are the time we people
    Keep on chasing the winds
    And never reach the point of catching it.... more »

  • Condiments

    In this fast age,
    The less exciting the food, the better.
    Condiments are injurious in their nature.
    Mustard, pepper, spices, pickles,... more »

  • Confused

    Should I leave or should I stay?
    Or should I taste
    The pain of walking away?
    And if I do so... more »

  • Contemplating

    I think about you in every moment and every image of
    you hurts me horribly. I want to feel every thought,
    every whisper you say in the deep silence of the
    eternity of you soul. To be able to cry in me,... more »

  • Covid-19

    The night is come
    When all people will not work
    Nor do anything in there daily lives
    Or visit any place that excites them.... more »

  • Crying Eyes!

    Look at me now
    And see what you have done to me.
    I was one of the person you loved the most
    But today marks the beginning of your life... more »

  • Ctrl+alt+delete

    What do I do now?
    With all these memories?
    Everything is reminding me of you.
    Your face,... more »