• A Kick Of Light

    I am Supergirl. I throw back my cape
    so that you may view the bathing suit within.... more »

  • Atlantic Memoir

    Night comes and the clenching of teeth.... more »

  • Dreaming Of The Dead

    From time to time the dead come
    for their allotted meeting like prisoners,
    jostling, and sit on the bench to wait.
    The hands of the carver... more »

  • Escape From Venice

    No disease, or death here, or Constellation of the Guitar;
    no sleep of second childhood.
    This intensive care is as orderly
    as a circus in which all are acrobats.... more »

  • Evening Music

    Here comes the moment of the shimmering hour
    When praise like incense trembles from each leaf.
    The evening air is redolent with grief
    And waltzes gush with melancholic power.... more »

  • Fragments From Before The Gaze Of Alphabet


    A speckle of rain. Wasp weather.
    The river popples between the reeds.... more »

  • Hickling Broad

    Hickling Broad. Among the reeds
    the wind pipes Für Elise, Für Elise,
    crossing the water by the boat's prow.
    Ruddy and gregarious the pubs glow... more »

  • Leave-Taking


    No beginning, this, but an end.
    For the calendar the birds gather, harrow or net space,... more »

  • Lines For Alexander Blok

    Bushels of light from the electric maples
    float in the underpass.
    Night enters the cemetery like a spade.... more »

  • November Heritage

    A yellow sky has curled around
    pumpkins, fireworks and poppy fragments
    for a fortnight and now brews coffee
    and saffron on a plate of thrush-egg blue.... more »

  • Phoenix Museum Of History

    The Salt River valley was green enough then... more »

  • Root Canals

    It’s all very well for you,
    straight as a canoe or arrow,... more »

  • Tankas For The Memory

    1. Pathetic fallacy Tanka

    Late October. A feast of sun.... more »

  • Teide

    Teide, at three thousand metres,
    a honeycomb of rock and air,
    cold weightless pumice.
    Lizards who've seen rocks rise... more »

  • The Master

    In memoriam Tom Ravenette

    In old age I comfort myself
    with bits and pieces of food... more »

  • This Daughterless Night

    This daughterless night is deepening.
    The tinkle of laughter awaits
    and unlistened-to interruptions
    for someone who is always thinking.... more »