I was a child during WWII and it had a lot of impact on my life. I immigrated to the United States in 1955 and we were
the last group of people who came by boat, it took 11 days.It was December and horrible weather on the seas.
We had three sons. Divorced in 1981. Met a nice guy after that and have been living with him for 10 years or so, after living on my own for 18 years. I published a book of
poetry the first month of 2005. I have a website you can visit where you can read about my book. It is called:
Family and other Strangers'. You can read some of my poetry
on my website, www.Poetrymart.com. Send me a message on my
e-mail elenbaas@comcast.net. Thanks! Buy the book! It's only
$22.95 and was published by AuthorHouse. com.


Martina E. Elenbaas Poems

Graveyard In The Snow

Today, I cannot find your grave,
because the stone with your name
is set in the earth,
down, where it is not in the way,... more »

Beached Whale On The Indian Reservation

That hot afternoon in Autumn
she came, as if gliding in
on the yielding waters.
She lay, mirrored... more »

Tonight The Moon

Tonight the moon
hangs in the weeping willow,
a silver ornament,
in golden branches.... more »

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