• Beached Whale On The Indian Reservation

    That hot afternoon in Autumn
    she came, as if gliding in
    on the yielding waters.
    She lay, mirrored... more »

  • Boy At The Orphanage

    Scent of toothpaste and cigar,
    he could not go to sleep,
    waiting, fearing hoping,
    that maybe tonight... more »

  • Graveyard In The Snow

    Today, I cannot find your grave,
    because the stone with your name
    is set in the earth,
    down, where it is not in the way,... more »

  • Song Of My Heart

    My heart moves and
    wind moves the banners of my heart.
    If your lips have not forgotten me,
    know this:... more »

  • The Disappeared

    This poem is dedicated to all the men, women and children who have been
    tortured and murdered and lost. People call them 'The Disappeared.'

    All over the world... more »

  • Tonight The Moon

    Tonight the moon
    hangs in the weeping willow,
    a silver ornament,
    in golden branches.... more »

  • Voodoo

    Oh, there is voodoo in your words,
    and your wrists tell jingle-jangle
    of blue-green bangles,
    turqoise and silver... more »