Martin Alan "Marty" Feldman (8 July 1934 – 2 December 1982) was an English comedy writer, comedian and actor. He starred in several British television comedy series, including At Last the 1948 Show and Marty, the latter of which won two BAFTA awards. He was the first Saturn Award winner for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Young Frankenstein.

Feldman was born in the East End of London, the son of Jewish immigrants from Kiev. He recalled his childhood as "solitary".

A BBC documentary explained that an operation due to his Graves' disease resulted in his eyes being more protruded and misaligned (strabismus). Leaving school at 15, he worked at the Dreamland fun fair in Margate. By the age of 20, he had decided to pursue a career as a comedian.


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Sex is two plus two making five, rather than four. Sex is the X ingredient that you can't define, and it's that X ingredient between two people that make both a man and a woman good in bed. It's all relative. There are no rules.
Marty Feldman (1933-1982), British comedian. Interview by Wendy Leigh, Speaking Frankly (1978).
Comedy, like sodomy, is an unnatural act.
Marty Feldman (1933-1982), British comedian. Times (London, June 9, 1969).

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