• Be My Angel!

    be my angel with wings spread wide
    to guard all the love i have inside,
    be my angel from up above,
    be the angel im thinking of.... more »

  • Drug Me

    Baby I dream of you all the time
    The more I dream about you
    The more I loose my mind
    your like a drug... more »

  • Holding On Forever

    It hurts so bad, I feel so sad
    Thinking about the love we have
    Your everything I’ll ever need
    You’re the ghost that haunts my dreams... more »

  • How Many Stars?

    How many stars are In the skies?
    How many tears have left my eyes?
    How much pain have I been through
    Until the day I met you?... more »

  • Keep Loving You!

    i hear this voice
    it's calling my name
    she's reasurring me there will
    be no pain i hear this... more »

  • Love Of My Lifetime

    I’ll respect you and I’ll protect you to die for me and
    I will die for you because I love you and you know
    that’s true I’m not playing game being without you is driving
    Me insane all the pain that comes... more »

  • Something

    There’s something warm and free
    That lies behind her smile
    She’s standing right next to me
    On a miracle mile... more »

  • Tender Kiss!

    An endless bliss
    Longing for your tender kiss
    I want so much
    To feel your touch... more »

  • Thank You!

    running through are minds
    are all the thoughts we think
    i think i might go blind
    sometimes i just cant take it... more »

  • Those Eyes

    When I look into those eyes
    I’m hypnotized
    I want to cry
    I want to hold you so close... more »

  • True Love

    There was a girl I liked so well
    There was a girl I loved so well
    But now she’s gone
    She set me free... more »

  • What Would I Do?

    what would i do
    if you were never here
    what would i do
    when my pain turns into fear... more »

  • Your My......

    your my life,
    my love,
    my whole world,
    your my shinning star,... more »