Marvin Brato Sr Quotes

Live in such a way that the bad things which few people talk about you become unbelievable
Living right
Smile upon winning but, smile still when you lost... it marks true courage!
All hearts... Wish for love, it is a dream. The desire lingers in time as the craving heightens.
Desire for love
Blight sex may get you HIV, Life is then shorten.
Poetry writing is only an instrument composing it is inborn
Inborn talent
Love is true when it can't die after all are gone
True Love
Now in solemn solitude I feel the innate melancholy as memories flash in reminiscent of the romantic moments we shared trapped in those faded old photos
Memories in a faded photo
A desperate act, of a dispirited man... to end pain in death!
Knowledge is wisdom, intuition to learn something; practice makes perfect!
Reckoning love I obtain Overflowing like fountain. Now I feel no emptiness Every second is happiness. Love is what i need Life is wonderful indeed. Yes I finally found someone
Finding Love