MW Marvin Whitfield 11/28/1957

Former appointee to the advisory Board of Michael Jackson" s boss Mr. Mert Paul V.P Of Sony/CBS, Inc.

On the roster of Michael Jackson's Motown Producer Mr. Jerry Marcelino of Starfactree Record Label.

Friend of Michael Jackson's trainer Lou Foreign-owned The Incredible Hulk.
Former employee of NBC Universal Television Studios Revenue Operations.
Entertainer1 for Howl o Scream at Sea World Parks and Entertainment.

Performed at Caesar" s Palace for the Comedy Festival AEG Live.
Winner of the bravo award at NBC.




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Alien Audition was very real. My partner Divah Rich has done an awesome job shooting the film where this event had taken place. She was very brave to not let the Alien's or Ghost move her. Michael Jackson would had love to come to an event like this one. He did not have real ghost or alien's visit his event!