• Bottles

    I put my feelings in the bottle
    Later I'll throw it in the sea
    But I hope nobody finds it
    And then attempts to rescue me... more »

  • Broken Kids

    It seems these days are getting shorter
    and our nights are growing longer
    We are lost in a world that we never asked for
    And were never told about... more »

  • Butterflies

    In the park that no-one went to
    we ran like children through the long grass
    and the warmth of the sun
    dried our tears before they fell down.... more »

  • Coma Boy

    He'd always been a dreamer
    So often had his fingers burnt
    Determined to keep dreaming
    I guess he never learnt... more »

  • Cornfields

    She was basically a good girl
    Though for sure she had some flaws
    And she fought an inward battle
    Never stopping for a pause... more »

  • Dreaming

    And as he lay there on the bed the past played out inside his head…If only he had had the chance he would have loved her in ways that she had never been loved. For reasons she had never been told, and for longer than she would have ever thought she had deserved.
    If he had only had the chance he would have loved her with more passion than she ever knew existed inside of him.
    But nothing ever felt right in her life, so 'his' life could never be complete.
    And all he knew was that whatever he may amount to, she would always be the rest of him.... more »

  • Easter

    Easter was upon us
    And we were talking
    As we had not done for a long time
    "It feels so good" I said... more »

  • February Day

    Where has the old me gone?
    lost in a February day
    I can't tell you how long it will be
    until I know if he's come back to me.... more »

  • For Her

    Softly spoken words with a wonderful inflection
    Fall from her mouth with a graceful fragility
    Allied to a wonderful simplicity.
    Her professed shyness, slowly eroding and replaced... more »

  • Heartache

    I've been waiting oh so long for her
    And I'll wait for her always like I do
    Like I always do
    I'm just sat here and waiting for the heartache... more »

  • I Don't Know You

    I don't know you - but I know I love you
    For I have felt you for so long
    You're my every word in every song
    And everything I write, I write for you... more »

  • Just A Dream

    It's just a dream
    A dream that you can never awake from
    It creates endless images in your mind
    And streams sound directly to your brain... more »

  • Murder

    There was a new me in the mirror,
    for the old me was now lost
    And although there hadn't been a trade in,
    you wouldn't believe the cost... more »

  • Night Demons

    Dragged into the basement
    where the night demons roam
    in the darkest of darkness
    that you've ever known... more »

  • Pandora's Box

    There are things that hide and reside, deep inside of me
    Trapped moments that never got their chance to shine
    Wonderful feelings that never got shared with you
    Forever now, aborted moments in time... more »

  • Picture Of You

    I tore up each one of my pictures of you
    But the one that's inside me remains
    It's here in my heart and it goes to my head
    Time and again and again... more »

  • Susie

    She was an unhappy child,
    left home at just thirteen
    No more a child, not quite adult,
    but somewhere in between... more »

  • The Man On The Beach

    There's a man who walks along the shore
    With a mirror in his hand
    He claims that he protects us all
    From things we hadn't planned... more »

  • This Life

    Betty's a contortionist, who is always in demand
    And you know she won't do anything, unless it's been pre planned
    Ernie's a control freak, although he'll argue that he's not
    He likes to dance to disco tunes and thinks he's really hot.... more »

  • Xmas Eve

    Walking away, he held his head high
    Too proud to spill out the words that filled his mouth
    Over and over to himself he repeated
    The only clear thought inside his head... more »