• 2 Am

    And my mind wanders.
    I tend to think about
    Something that happened
    4 years ago, or something... more »

  • A Star-Burst

    Tie your heart and soul at night to mine
    Please enter to my deepest thoughts
    Slowly, profoundly, rhythmically
    Explore the contours of my soul... more »

  • Box Of Darkness

    I'm still standing here
    While you walked away
    I gave you all you ever asked
    All in an effort to calm you... more »

  • Darker Grays

    My open heart stares blankly at the road that leads ahead
    A pain so strong and engulfs my mind and makes me dread
    I have forgotten who I am and how I used to be
    I am really blinded by the fear I see before me... more »

  • Destroyed

    My heart was yours
    I gave up everything I was
    And gave you everything that I owned
    Every single breaths, every heart beats... more »

  • Die A Little With Me

    Let's die a little today.
    While we drown each other in sweetness,
    We can get in a mood.
    We can enter emotional paradise... more »

  • Every 10th

    Supposedly this day is the 8th
    Let me take you to my contemplation
    A sweet kiss is what sparkled this scene
    And our souls that destined to meet... more »

  • Fires Of Heaven

    A kiss is love
    For a kiss means i breathe to you
    And you breathe for me
    The fire that flickers... more »

  • For Myself

    Whatever may happen,
    I will be honest.
    I will love deeply
    Despite the scars or... more »

  • Goodbye

    The tears I cry
    Will never run dry
    I always think of you
    And all the hateful things you do... more »

  • Heartbroken Story

    There's this story
    Of a heartbroken girl
    Her heart beats gently
    Her eyes so still... more »

  • Maybe Never

    I want to forget us,
    Act like I never knew you.
    But my heart will not
    forget the extreme way... more »

  • Most Lovely Way Possible

    I want to have the extremes
    Of your love.
    I will bruise your lips,
    And scar your knees,... more »

  • Nighttime

    Take me somewhere gloomy
    Kiss me softly
    Run your fingers through me
    Hold me closely... more »

  • Positivity

    My body sometimes feels sore,
    But it works.
    I don't sleep well most nights,
    But I do wake up to fight another day.... more »

  • Purple Wings

    Making love under the stars
    Make these purple wings so familiar
    Stammer a preface to your impatient hands
    Impaled by my prattle, as a litany of tongues... more »

  • Scars

    Scars in my soul,
    Will stay forevermore.
    Nothing feels right,
    I tried, I tried.... more »