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Soldier's 'Of The Iraqi War'

I've thought about this country
This fighting, the war
Things that never really
Concerned me before... more »

For The Silent Soldiers Left Behind

not the ones who wear the green
but the ones unnoticed behind the scenes
the ones who endure the endless nights
the secret affairs without the fights... more »

Iraqi Bound

you left today
back to iraq
you took my heart
in that damn pack... more »

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Mary Rich 17 Sep 2008 01:12
i'm lucky enough to be a freind of hers, although anyone who meets her is....she lights up a room like sunshine, and would never do anything without considering consequences for all parties involved. her door stands open to any lost soul in need of a hand. just ask the 7 baby possums she just introduced back into the wild. i've seen wild birds rest in her hand, and swear that if you touch her she can change your life forever. against all odds, she raised 3 sons alone, with no child support, and refused to be on welfare. i watched her be a pillar of strength taking care of her parents at home for three years only to hold them in her arms and watch them pass a day and a half apart and still caring for three small children. she works harder than any man i've ever known. and i've seen her do without so a stranger doesnt have to...i feel priveledged that God steered her into my path and she remains a part of my life today... i've just been told of this website and found this part of her that i didnt know about, once again i am amazed at who at what she is...and can tell you what she writes here comes from a depth in her heart that only a few of us will ever imagine..if your ever lucky enough to meet her, make sure you touch her hand, your life will never be the same...... love you girl, thanks for changing our lives.....donna and the girls hate it for you forgot to shut down the website after your last poem submission and we saw it...after we all had a few good laughs and few good cries reading all your poems, which we would have liked to have known about. we thought people should know the person they we're reading about... if there are such things as fallen angels sent here to help us.....we are proud to say we know one....and you are girl....we love you....