• Butterflies

    Creatures of golden, sunshiny weather,
    Coquetting with blossoms for hours together!... more »

  • Easter Lilies

    Oh! beautiful lilies, so fair and sweet,
    Ye opened your leaves for the Easter morn,
    And helped us rejoice that the winter had passed,... more »

  • Somebody's Mother

    The woman was old and ragged and gray,
    And bent with the chill of a winter's day;
    The streets were white with a recent snow,... more »

  • The Living Spring

    Like the ever-living spring
    Whose waters freely flow
    Tho' lake and river, brook and stream,
    Are sealed by winter's snow:... more »

  • Twilight On The Beach

    The crimson glory of the setting sun
    Hath lain a moment on the ocean's breast,
    Till twilight shadows, gathering one by one,... more »