• Aberration

    The blackest mark
    The deepest soil
    Staining the pure
    And making unwhole... more »

  • And What Of Tomorrow

    Yesterday's memories, tomorrow's dreams
    Where have they gone? What do they mean?
    When shadows were short and sun rays long
    I had no cares in the world - I belonged... more »

  • Angelic

    Celestial, pristine being
    Preferring you from earth
    I dreamt you a butterfly
    Instead... more »

  • Assortment

    When you are under that sky
    Things will fall into place
    And you won't even remember
    What you were asking, or why... more »

  • Beacon

    Founded on sharp and cruel rocks
    Standing still but formidable
    Encased in a deep and swirling fog
    A gentle light calling, calling... more »

  • Beyond Bounds

    The places we go
    The people we know
    Outlive what we think
    For life is as it is... more »

  • Blossoms

    Pink and gentle hues
    Scents of heaven itself... more »

  • Celestial

    Every blue sky belongs
    To you
    Even fluffy white clouds
    I adore... more »

  • Cherry Blossoms Adrift

    Pink petals passing
    Scents above so high
    Painted porcelain perfection
    Blossoms caress the sky... more »

  • Clasped

    Grasp at your heart's content
    The person you want to hold
    Moments you wish were longer
    Express what remains untold... more »

  • Corridors

    Take your polluted air, tainted water
    Embrace your filthy, cowardly spawn
    Who roam like hounds the ravaged streets
    Retrieve those angry, hateful pawns... more »

  • Crystal Cascades

    Soft upon my eyelashes
    Turning my cheeks to pink
    Softly falling, falling
    Not a sound in the air... more »

  • December Boughs

    Like fearsome charcoal masks
    Branching across the sky
    Immobile and impassive
    Extending wide and high... more »

  • Definition

    The spark of passion: chemistry
    The simmering of blood and heart
    The speed of passion: furious
    Almost over before it begins... more »

  • Delicacy

    Indeed the finest pastry
    Was right inside my hand
    Amidst the fancy paper
    Such delicacy to be had... more »

  • Diaspora

    When we all lived in the woods
    There were more of us then
    How few have we become
    And scattered too far away... more »

  • Ember

    But it would not die
    And it would not end
    On it burned and lived
    Smoldering into my mind... more »

  • Firefly

    I found you
    I saw you
    I felt you
    I tasted... more »

  • Flocks

    When the branches beckon
    The daring must rise
    From the sheltering lowlands
    And take to the clouded skies above... more »

  • Hollow

    Because he does not want
    And he does not need
    His fire won’t burn for me
    But that is the drive I feel... more »

  • Horizon

    Off to tomorrow we go
    Inevitable it always will be
    Because that is where the future lies
    And to achieve it is our destiny... more »

  • In Memory Of A Fog

    Softly creeping in among the pines of scented green
    Gently rolling over meadows to cover rocky slopes
    A veil of silence, deep and brooding
    Distorting vague images of deer grazing... more »

  • Into The Quiet

    Do you hear her calling
    How well she knows your name
    You recognize her softness
    And realize why she came... more »

  • Intravenous

    You course like lava throughout
    Igniting, engulfing what you touch
    From the extremities to innermost
    Slow, steaming stream of fire... more »

  • Julia, At Four

    Away you raced, wind in your soul
    Perfume personality, no cares of your own
    Elfin feet flew over endless reaching shore
    Life a music-box joyride, waiting for you at four... more »