• Labels

    So organized

    Everything in place
    Things have a moment... more »

  • Magnitude

    Emphatic, direct precision
    You extended and reached me
    Shattering a life of expectation... more »

  • On The Cusp

    On the cusp
    Of becoming real
    The Velveteen Rabbit
    Couldn't improve... more »

  • Pearly Shoots

    First sliver of green
    Initial spray of spring
    A splinter of hope
    Emerging, blooming sight... more »

  • Prophesy

    Death comes knocking at my door
    Gently calling
    Enclosing like a fog
    Softly stealing away the light... more »

  • Rummager

    We shed skins like snakes
    And dig like squirrels to find
    Any hidden identity…
    We rummage as if we lost... more »

  • Solace

    In lieu of you
    I sit and wait
    For the sun to rise
    And warm my soul... more »

  • Succulence

    Succulence, a saucy matter
    And anyone would agree;
    Flavor is in spicing
    Finding the right degree.... more »

  • Swimmingly

    Like pearly DNA strings
    Eggs fall from flitting flies... more »

  • Symmetry

    In search of a balance
    And structure only true
    I sought a wholeness
    And found solely you... more »

  • Tangle

    A symphony of knots
    Holding everything together
    A slip of slack
    A throw of thread... more »

  • Tendrils

    Trees in southern Georgia
    Spanish moss dripping sensuously
    Like liquid off the limbs
    Clinging like dainty lace... more »

  • The Beast

    Stalking and snarling in darkness
    Shading such a haunted, cursed face
    Dwelling alone in refuse and pain
    A somehow fitting and expected place... more »

  • The Beckoning

    Shadows on sidewalks
    Branches that beckon
    Inverting the sky
    With a force of reckon... more »

  • The Cradle

    Cradle in your touch
    The way you hold me
    Dissolving my body
    Deep inside of yours... more »

  • The Crux

    No crown of thorns
    Red roses, instead
    And light, of course
    I knew the beauty... more »

  • The Miner

    I witnessed a passing glimmer
    And jumped joyously at first glance
    Clutching dreams and muddy tools
    In hopes of promised riches at last... more »

  • The Sorcerer

    The flickering flame enchants the mellow eyes
    While whining wind encases faltering ears
    And darkness entombs the dozing figure... more »

  • Winter 1916

    Embraced in a shroud of white
    A mystery imbedded in ice
    Away that day you went
    Never looking back... more »

  • Winter Whispers

    The wind whispers when it is cold
    Trees are white and windows frosted
    A hush covers all
    Peaceful, silent... more »