• Advent

    Wind whistling, as it does
    in winter, and I think
    nothing of it until... more »

  • Discovery

    6:48 a.m., and leaden
    little jokes about what heroes
    we are for getting up at this hour.
    Quiet. The surf and sandpipers running.... more »

  • Home Movies: A Sort of Ode

    Because it hadn't seemed enough,
    after a while, to catalogue
    more Christmases, the three-layer cakes
    ablaze with birthday candles, the blizzard... more »

  • John Lennon

    The music was already turning sad,
    those fresh-faced voices singing in a round
    the lie that time could set its needle back... more »

  • Somebody Else's Baby

    From now on they always are, for years now
    they always have been, but from now on you know
    they are, they always will be,... more »

  • The Buttonhook

    President Roosevelt, touring Ellis Island
    in 1906, watched the people from steerage
    line up for their six-second physical.... more »

  • Two Pigeons

    They've perched for hours
    on that window-ledge, scarcely
    moving. Beak to beak,

    a matched set, they differ... more »

  • Video Blues

    My husband has a crush on Myrna Loy,
    and likes to rent her movies, for a treat.
    It makes some evenings harder to enjoy.... more »