• Come With Me

    Come with me to my Thanksgiving reunion of family and friends at my grandpa’s
    See family and friends squish into the already crowded kitchen
    Hear the voices scream with joy as we enter the house then cramp into the delicious smelling kitchen
    Feel the warm heat off of relatives crowding around you... more »

  • Friends Forever

    Friends are the joy in my life
    They're by my side forever
    Through joy and tears
    They love me like a sister... more »

  • Lime

    Lime is as bright as St. Patrick’s Day
    It is vibrant and cheerful
    It is moss in a bay
    Lime is like a tennis ball whacked by a player... more »

  • Love Forever

    With love in my heart
    I don't want to part
    You, I want forever
    We're suppose to be together... more »

  • Poetry

    ... more »

  • Snow

    ... more »

  • Spring! Fall!

    I am a fresh-air season.
    This season is filled with warm air from the sun.
    The trees are filled with leaves.... more »

  • Valentine's Day Love

    My love for you
    Is long overdue
    I want to say
    Happy Valentine's Day... more »