• Broken

    A broken home,
    A broken life.
    A broken heart,
    Broken strife.... more »

  • Dont Try

    Don't try to tell me who I am.
    Dont try to tell me what I think.
    Dont touch me!
    I'll get you fast...even before you blink.... more »

  • Goodbye

    You dont know,
    You never will.
    So go ahead and kill,
    Kill me slowly.... more »

  • Look

    Look, my wrists, theres nothing there.
    Look, there's no marks.
    Look, you cant see them.
    Look, they're inside, where they can hide.... more »

  • Storms

    Storms of my mind,
    Surrounding my eyes.
    Thoughs raging thorugh,
    On small things.... more »

  • The Knife

    This is the knife holds my fears,
    This is the knife that holds my tears.
    This is the knife that I can not touch,
    This is the knife that I fear too much.... more »

  • Untitled

    My heart is cold,
    My thoughs are old.
    My heart is not there,
    My thoughs are in the air,... more »