• A Baby's Stare

    I get lost by just looking into your eyes,
    A perfect blend of flare and glare
    A mixture of innocence and brilliance glow
    And am Lost in words to tell a tale... more »

  • Lovers Meet

    Is like a chisel meets a sculptor,
    Curving a piece of wood into a world to discover
    Hand making artifacts for others to admire
    Each cut with a polish of hope... more »

  • Mother And Daughter

    A mother and daughter set out to farm
    In a bag mother carried maize seeds and yams,
    The morning breeze was far from warm,
    Their patches of clothes worn and torn,... more »

  • Strangers In My Heart

    Strangers in my heart, they come and go
    Each from countries unknown,
    Some come bearing gifts, some come lost souls needing restoration..
    Travellers in my heart each time i Harbour one i hope he'll make it home..... more »