• A Heart

    Voice of intoxication
    Glance of shyness
    Touch of skin, senses elated
    Blue eyes glisten... more »

  • Alone With You

    Alone with you

    Alone with you is where I long to be
    Alone with her is where you are free... more »

  • Angel

    Oh, my light in the dark, from which star did you fall?
    How could you force the rain to fall heavily upon my soul?
    A puddle drowning my aura, my being.... more »

  • Cherub

    Alas, 'tis the season for my heart to love.
    A crisp Monday morning; bustling bodies align the streets, shoving off to their jobs.
    The salty pavement ahead reflects only visions of those deep, radiant morsels; portals to your soul, summonsing me until all else becomes a faint muffle.
    The CD spins a kaleidescope of yesterday's images while rendering me incoherent.... more »

  • Cyclone To Me

    Cyclone thou art
    Encompassing a force to peel back layers ghastly congealed
    Soulful lifetime imprisoned behind skins leather tough
    Seeping, embedding poroused heart... more »

  • Dance Of The Damned

    Dance of the Damned.
    Proverbial moth to the flame.
    Reeled in.... more »

  • Dandelion

    My Dandelion; From what sun-kissed breeze did you arrive?
    Sweeping through my hair and across my lips,
    Ever so gently fondling my heart.
    Your softness eludes me like the darkness of a midnight sky.... more »

  • Fit

    I didn't fit in small
    I didn't fit in big
    I didn't fill a void
    I guess I didn't do much.... more »

  • Flower You

    Flower you; so beautiful and bright
    Adored by all for your radiant beauty
    Petals plucked & leaves prodded by unworthy passers-by
    Resiliently returning the next season;... more »

  • From The Blue

    From the blue you appeared unforeseen,
    And to the blue you have elated me in flight.
    From the blue, an angel I envision you,
    And how the blue casts your radiance for others to see!... more »

  • It Is

    It is what it is
    This moment is only this moment
    That moment is gone;
    No two are alike... more »

  • Live

    I live as roses live
    Boldly, brightly, fervently - protective of each delicate petal.
    Survival in vain.
    From the hard, dry Earth, a demon in red-hooded disguise.... more »

  • Lucid Shadow

    Lucid Shadow

    Idle I sit with the desire for tangible lucidity
    Daunting shadow of ripped coattails hidden behind a golden crown... more »

  • Misunderstood

    My heart is but a mere plague; rapidly spreading emotion throughout my body until numbness succumbs my senses.
    Breathing becomes a gasp for reality lost in a river of tears; Mobility is pure agony.
    My torso is ravaged with sickness at the thought of your cerulean eyes becoming null to my vision forevermore.
    The very soul of me lies flattened and tormented as the hourglass selflishly empties, leaving a passion that will remain long thereafter.... more »

  • My Heart

    My Heart, you've Captured
    This Body, you've Intoxicated
    My Soul, you've Pierced
    This Mind, you've Unfolded... more »

  • Quotes

    'Life's journeys may appear futile, but even washed-up seashells return to the sea to start anew.'

    'How can we respect others without first seeking the respect of ourselves'... more »

  • Rainbow Sonnet

    All my days I have sought you like a flower following the sun; grasping for every morsel of light.
    The river of my essence has flowed to your inviting ocean; spinning in a cyclone of wildfire.
    My heart has become encapsulated by the sands of your shores, sucking me into euphoria.
    Love has encumbered my heart like that of a mother to her newborn child.... more »

  • Ray Of Light

    You came to me a ray of light abruptly emerging through uncertain skies,
    Touching the Earth in a single eruption of force.
    Your piercing eyes as deep as the sky is profound.
    Your mouth as welcoming as the clouds are ceaseless.... more »

  • Restless

    Wanting, Waiting, Needing....
    Yearning expectedly
    Isn't it true that you should see yourself in your lover's eyes?... more »

  • Sail Away

    Pounded, crashing into the rocks
    Fierce waves of emotion
    Swept across the ocean floor... more »

  • Sitting With Questions

    Sitting with questions.
    Answers elude me.
    Thoughts creep in and escape.
    Stillness comes.... more »

  • Suddenly

    Like a fog-swept valley in the dew of the morning,
    You are a welcome breeze nipping at untouched senses.
    A heatwave of pleasantries caught in a whirlwind,
    Swirling around my head and making it's way to my lips.... more »

  • Today

    Today I awoke to an awakening
    A newfound wonder; wonderful you
    Eyes wide open
    Senses tingle to the core... more »

  • Unanswered Questions

    When shall my weary heart prevail from this ceaseless pain?
    Aching, my burning heart's love lost indefinitely.
    So long ago, soulmates in unity.
    Such fiery love like the passion of night.... more »

  • Unbound

    Drowned - Heavily sunken - swallowed; murky water, dark and ominous.
    Found - You; blossomed flower amongst desert sands.
    From ground - Onto clouds set high, embracing sun's rays; white hot.
    The sound - Your mouth, melodious vibration; sensation to my soul.... more »