Mary Oliver Comments (35)

Mary Oliver has a way of shaking us out of our cultural blindness to the natural world around us and startling us into seeing what has always been there but ignored. Her poems at best are powerful in that they include, not just a platitude of nature, but teeth and claws, the hunger, death and aliveness. Asking, how does this apply to your life?
RIP. She certainly is one of the most important English language poets of the late 20th, early 21st century.
... ... ... but once, years ago, in some kind of rapturous mistake, the deer did not run away but walked toward me and touched my hands- and I have been, ever since, separated from my old, comfortable life .... .... ....
Her poem The Pinewoods could well be her communication to us from the other side.
Looking for a Mary Oliver poem about rainwater seeping into the earth and a stone feeling itself being touched
Looking for the poem in which the ocean states that it has work to do.
Looking for a poem that begins 'When death carts me off to the bottomlands'...Shirley
Looking for the poem that includes a fox curled up in a wheel bed, dead, when she finds it and she wonders what it saw/thought as it looked out after it had curled up and before it died. So poignant
Her life lives on in her poetry