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Mary Oliver is such an exceptional, unique poet and she inspires me to keep writing. She's absolutely right about poetry being a way of life I have a propensity to write and must keep going. Her work is so beautiful, direct, poignant, effortless and intelligent, I often wonder, why do I bother?
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Searching (on behalf of a friend) for a Mary Oliver poem that contains the words tupelo and furrow. Can any of you provide the title of that poem? Thanks in advance!
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How true of this. it just rolls with the flow....
Picturistic story narration through poetry that blends nature so well
In my journey of poetry, dear mary, you have inspired me a lot.
I absolutely love Mary Oliver's work. She is one of those people who stand out because of her originality and exquisite imagery. Very few poets have touched me as deeply as she has. She inspires me like a fresh breath of breeze over the literary world.
I can't begin to tell you what the work of Mary Oliver has meant to me over the last 15 years. I read and reread her poety. It touches me so deeply....her connection to nature. I wish I knew a way to contact her.
To: Mary Oliver, I love your poetry, can you join a group of nature adorers for a summer river trip through the Grand Canyon this year? Jim Silva
Oh Mary, this is why this site is worth visiting...Sx
Mary, I am in awe and enraptured by the beauty of your work, thank you so much for sharing it.
Mary... Recently a friend of mine became discouraged with her poetry and although she had just published a chapbook she was going to give up her poetry writing. She loves to write about nature. I gave her my copy of your book 'Why I Wake Early'. She is now re-inspired and looks very much forward to continuing her poetry writing. I, too, am also inspired by your writing. I Thank You. Lare Austin